Golden Spoon


Golden Spoon is one of my favorite places to get ice cream. I have always noticed that I have preferred frozen yogurt over ice cream whenever possible. The one exception is at Costco’s frozen yogurt because it’s nonfat. Nonfat yogurt is not the way to go. It always has a wretched aftertaste. The point of life is to live it to its fullest and having nonfat yogurt just ruins it. If they made nonfat yogurt that taste good then I would yell, “HAIL MARIE!!!!”, but right no thats not happening for Costco. But it is happening for Golden Spoon! Golden spoon has about 8 flavors to choose from and they’re always changing. My favorite combination of flavors is very unearthly. I like getting a small peanut butter and strawberry yogurt with rainbow sprinkles on top. This might sound odd but I’ve always got this same exact combination when ever it is possible which is not always the case. Golden Spoon changes the flavors in their stores every two weeks. But the always have the same type. For example Golden Spoon will always have a coffee yogurt, but the yogurt might be classic coffee or espresso. Another example there will always be a berry like strawberry or boysenberry. The only exception is that there is always chocolate, vanilla, and peanut butter. That has always sounded strange to me but I found that peanut butter is their best flavor. The last time I went to Golden Spoon they didn’t have strawberry. So instead I got very uncreative. I got a small peanut butter and peanut butter cup with peanut butter cups on top. I liked the sound of saying it so thats what I got. The reason I didn’t get just a peanut butter cup with peanut butter cups on top is because the peanut butter cup flavor is VERY chocolaty. I would recommend always getting a small size because the amount of frozen yogurt doesn’t change when you go up a size to a regular cause the kids that work there don’t really care that much about the amount only about the number of tips they get. So always get a small or mini size cup. I asked a person who worked there about this topic and he said that my article represents exactly what a Golden Spoon employee’s thought process is.


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Good Hamburger


After my failed attempt at cooking a hamburger I decided to try again. This time I did everything the same. The only real difference was that I let the grill heat up first then put the patties on. Then I checked to make sure that the patties were thin so they would cook faster and more evenly. After about 5 minutes I took out a knife and and cut a patty and looked inside of it. I put the hamburger on a special type of bread. (the type that your make paninis out of)The patty was basically brown except a little part in the middle. That is how I like my patties done, medium rare. I put on some blue cheese instead of cheddar cheese which gave it richer flavor. I also salted the patty after I took it off to enhance the the juices pungency. In the end I finished my double double and whipped the plate clean.

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Bad Hamburger

Bad Hamburger

Today My parents were out of the house and I had to cook myself a hamburger. Like I said before, “I’m not a good cook, yet”. This was proven when I went to cook the hamburger. At first everything was going just fine. I had the bun toasted, the hamburger on the grill, and the condiments all ready to be put on the hamburger. I took the hamburger off the grill and put it on a bun with all the condiments. I took a picture cause I was so proud of it. Then I took a bite and it was pink all except the very outer part. I only cooked it until it “looked” done. The idea that the hamburger was rare didn’t stop me from eating it. I ate half of it till i got sick of the taste of raw meat then I flushed it down the toilet. The end of that adventure.

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Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee ice cream is one of my favorite snacks on a hot OR cold day. I have been eating coffee ice cream since i was in 3rd grade. When I started my family always bought the coffee ice cream with the little pieces of chocolate scattered around the ice cream. Then my family went on a diet and only had that weird healthy choice ice cream. I don’t like it even if its “healthy” for you. Cause how can ice cream be health for you. I mean really. Well after that dark period in my life my dad started to buy REAL ice cream for our family. He bought our ice cream from Trader Joe’s and it was like 4$ for one quart. One day my dad brought home a jug of coffee ice cream and it was the best coffee ice cream we had ever had. My mom started freaking out because in my ice cream eating part of my family; my sister, my dad, and I; we would scarf down 3 jars of it a week. My mom started to try and reach out and buy other types but the problem was she couldn’t find any! We looking in our grocery store (Ralph’s) and there was nothing. We had to drive down to Alberson’s and get a gallon of low fat coffee ice cream. That was gone in like a week. At about this time me and some of my friends started to go to the new gelato place down town (Tutto Amore Gelato). I would always get the espresso gelato and faun gelato every time. Sometimes i would get the sweet milk gelato too. Also me and my mom have this fetish for Golden Spoon. About a year ago we went there about 3 times a week and it finally stopped when my mom stopped to look at the credit history. It was about 100$ for 2 months. At golden spoon I would always get the coffee type which switches a lot between; Cafe Latte,Cappuccino, classic coffee, Espresso, Irish Cream, and Kalua ‘n Cream; and peanut butter.

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First FANCY Cake

This was my first fancy cake I made. I made this cake for my moms birthday. I was only 11 years old. I was inspired bye Ace of Cakes a show on Food TV. In this show it showed me how to make sheets of hard sugar. So I attempted at it and managed to make a sheet the sheet was quite ugly but i made it work. The sheet was broken up to make the wheels of the car, the surfboard, my moms face, and the dogs eyes. The cake was a yellow cake mix by Betty Crocker. Same with the frosting which was milk chocolate. I made the blue icing from powdered sugar and water and food coloring. I had to cut up the cake to make the little dog and the sun was a half Reese’s with candles behind it which were suppose to make it look like the sun. That idea failed. The campfire was a good idea but it was more the idea than how it looked. In the end I was very proud of my creation and my mom loved it. Thats all that counts.

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Sea Food Salad
Fukada is an Asian themed restaurant based in Irvine. The restaurant has lots of clean lines and a vibe that everyone loves. One of the bad things is all the babies that are in there. They are crying the whole time and making it a non-relaxing environment. A positive is the noticeable number of Asian people eating there. This normally means it’s a real Asian restaurant. The restaurant has a long table down the middle and on the sides are four seating tables. At the far end of the restaurant is the bar area that overlooks the kitchen. (I sat at the bar this time). The aroma of the cooking food helped my eating experience because sitting right behind me was a young family with a baby. Halfway through the meal I got up to wash my hands and I got the biggest woof of poop. The only reason I hadn’t noticed it before is cause of the smell of the food cooking in the kitchen.

The Food was AMAZING. I ordered the seafood salad with a side order of barbecued eel. For a drink I got the Iced Green Tea. The green tea to me wasn’t that amazing. I was so week I couldn’t even taste the tea all I got was the melted ice cubes. I attempted to add sugar but that made the tea even more revolting. In the end I just had water. After that experience I had the Seafood Salad. All I can say is “yummm”. When you first bit into it you get the taste of there tangy and sour salad dressing which was amazing. Then you get the taste of the fresh leafy lettuce and spinach. Then you get a piece of the seared salmon. I would have this dish every day of my life if I could. The other types of fish are salmon, tuna, and yellow tail. Will I eat this I noticed the other dish which I missed cause I was too occupied with the salad. This dish was the Barbecued Eel. This dish had a beautiful presentation. The eel was placed on top of some white or brown rice (I prefer white) with some shredded seaweed on top. I found the seaweed a little bit to strong for my liking but I loved the taste with it and the eel. For dessert I got the deep fried green tea ice cream. This dish also had a beautiful display as well. The ice cream was a round ball with a pile of whipped cream with a piece of kiwi and an orange slice set next to it with a sweet sauce covering the whole dish. I ate this down so fast I forgot to take a picture. The ice cream is not that sweet but with the dough on the outside that made it as sweet as heaven. I loved the whole restaurant but wouldn’t recommend the iced green tea. I would give this restaurant a 4.75 out of 5.

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Wahoo’s Carne Asada Wet Burrito


Last night i had the Wet burrito from Wahoos. One of the great things about Wahoo’s is the prices. The website for Wahoo’s is When you go to Wahoo’s you notice how its more of a homey feeling but actually its a fast food chain. Wahoo’s makes everything that you buy when you get there not pre-packaged. One of the negative aspects of Wahoo’s is that its assortment of drinks is limited. Some drinks that every Mexican Restaurant has Wahoo’s does not include in there menu. For instance an horchata (a hispanic drink made from rice and cinnamon) is not included on the menu. This is a turn off because it makes it feel like it is not a real Mexican restaurant but it is. That is one of my main turn offs from Wahoo’s. I still go there every week cause it is great food and service.

My favorite dish that i get at Wahoo’s is the Carne Asada Wet Burrito w/ red sauce. This barrido is delicious . The inside of the burrito is mainly lettuce tomato and carne asada. While the outside is slathered in red sauce and salsa. One of the negative things about this dish is the excess amount of fat on the meat inside the burrito. You’ll be chomping away and all of a sudden you’ll hit a piece of meat that you cant chew and have to politely spite it out into a napkin. One of my favorite things to do is buy a second carne asada burrito without the sauce cause there is enough left over from the wet burrito to coat the second burrito with the same sauce. In all I would give it a 3.5 out of 5

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