Wahoo’s Carne Asada Wet Burrito

September 17, 2007 at 2:20 am Leave a comment


Last night i had the Wet burrito from Wahoos. One of the great things about Wahoo’s is the prices. The website for Wahoo’s is http://www.wahoos.com. When you go to Wahoo’s you notice how its more of a homey feeling but actually its a fast food chain. Wahoo’s makes everything that you buy when you get there not pre-packaged. One of the negative aspects of Wahoo’s is that its assortment of drinks is limited. Some drinks that every Mexican Restaurant has Wahoo’s does not include in there menu. For instance an horchata (a hispanic drink made from rice and cinnamon) is not included on the menu. This is a turn off because it makes it feel like it is not a real Mexican restaurant but it is. That is one of my main turn offs from Wahoo’s. I still go there every week cause it is great food and service.

My favorite dish that i get at Wahoo’s is the Carne Asada Wet Burrito w/ red sauce. This barrido is delicious . The inside of the burrito is mainly lettuce tomato and carne asada. While the outside is slathered in red sauce and salsa. One of the negative things about this dish is the excess amount of fat on the meat inside the burrito. You’ll be chomping away and all of a sudden you’ll hit a piece of meat that you cant chew and have to politely spite it out into a napkin. One of my favorite things to do is buy a second carne asada burrito without the sauce cause there is enough left over from the wet burrito to coat the second burrito with the same sauce. In all I would give it a 3.5 out of 5


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