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Sea Food Salad
Fukada is an Asian themed restaurant based in Irvine. The restaurant has lots of clean lines and a vibe that everyone loves. One of the bad things is all the babies that are in there. They are crying the whole time and making it a non-relaxing environment. A positive is the noticeable number of Asian people eating there. This normally means it’s a real Asian restaurant. The restaurant has a long table down the middle and on the sides are four seating tables. At the far end of the restaurant is the bar area that overlooks the kitchen. (I sat at the bar this time). The aroma of the cooking food helped my eating experience because sitting right behind me was a young family with a baby. Halfway through the meal I got up to wash my hands and I got the biggest woof of poop. The only reason I hadn’t noticed it before is cause of the smell of the food cooking in the kitchen.

The Food was AMAZING. I ordered the seafood salad with a side order of barbecued eel. For a drink I got the Iced Green Tea. The green tea to me wasn’t that amazing. I was so week I couldn’t even taste the tea all I got was the melted ice cubes. I attempted to add sugar but that made the tea even more revolting. In the end I just had water. After that experience I had the Seafood Salad. All I can say is “yummm”. When you first bit into it you get the taste of there tangy and sour salad dressing which was amazing. Then you get the taste of the fresh leafy lettuce and spinach. Then you get a piece of the seared salmon. I would have this dish every day of my life if I could. The other types of fish are salmon, tuna, and yellow tail. Will I eat this I noticed the other dish which I missed cause I was too occupied with the salad. This dish was the Barbecued Eel. This dish had a beautiful presentation. The eel was placed on top of some white or brown rice (I prefer white) with some shredded seaweed on top. I found the seaweed a little bit to strong for my liking but I loved the taste with it and the eel. For dessert I got the deep fried green tea ice cream. This dish also had a beautiful display as well. The ice cream was a round ball with a pile of whipped cream with a piece of kiwi and an orange slice set next to it with a sweet sauce covering the whole dish. I ate this down so fast I forgot to take a picture. The ice cream is not that sweet but with the dough on the outside that made it as sweet as heaven. I loved the whole restaurant but wouldn’t recommend the iced green tea. I would give this restaurant a 4.75 out of 5.


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  • 1. Devin A.  |  September 18, 2007 at 4:26 am

    that place has good soup 🙂


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