Coffee Ice Cream

September 17, 2007 at 11:56 pm Leave a comment

Coffee Ice Cream

Coffee ice cream is one of my favorite snacks on a hot OR cold day. I have been eating coffee ice cream since i was in 3rd grade. When I started my family always bought the coffee ice cream with the little pieces of chocolate scattered around the ice cream. Then my family went on a diet and only had that weird healthy choice ice cream. I don’t like it even if its “healthy” for you. Cause how can ice cream be health for you. I mean really. Well after that dark period in my life my dad started to buy REAL ice cream for our family. He bought our ice cream from Trader Joe’s and it was like 4$ for one quart. One day my dad brought home a jug of coffee ice cream and it was the best coffee ice cream we had ever had. My mom started freaking out because in my ice cream eating part of my family; my sister, my dad, and I; we would scarf down 3 jars of it a week. My mom started to try and reach out and buy other types but the problem was she couldn’t find any! We looking in our grocery store (Ralph’s) and there was nothing. We had to drive down to Alberson’s and get a gallon of low fat coffee ice cream. That was gone in like a week. At about this time me and some of my friends started to go to the new gelato place down town (Tutto Amore Gelato). I would always get the espresso gelato and faun gelato every time. Sometimes i would get the sweet milk gelato too. Also me and my mom have this fetish for Golden Spoon. About a year ago we went there about 3 times a week and it finally stopped when my mom stopped to look at the credit history. It was about 100$ for 2 months. At golden spoon I would always get the coffee type which switches a lot between; Cafe Latte,Cappuccino, classic coffee, Espresso, Irish Cream, and Kalua ‘n Cream; and peanut butter.


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