While me and my family visited Maine we stopped in a beautiful young town called Portland. In Portland we stopped by a hip, believed to be new place given a cute place called “Mims” We chose the place first in response to the nice outdoor seating and the nice simple colors and menu. Also a great indicator was the number of people eating there. Mainly it was the first restaurant that appeared in my line of vision that did not include lobster.

Even though it choosing the restaurant was in a response of desperation and convenience; we made excellent choice. The delicious dishes that made up the menu were priced at 10$ on average which seems a little bit expensive for lunch. After my mother complain about the price without saying a word. The place expresses an earthy feeling


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Crepes… My favorite breakfast food of all time. When I was younger, I would prepare a batch of crepe batter sunday night so that each morning, periotically through the week, I could eat fresh crepes filled with chopped up turkey meat and grated cheese. Crepes can be served at Breakfast and dinner, but filled with an assortment of fillings.

For  breakfast, you can fill it with chopped up turkey and cheese, or jam. I believe that crepes with just cheese bore the senses. I like to add random ingredients: bacon, bell pepers, mushrooms, etc. Without variation, you become bored.

Another important issue to think about when talking crepes is the equitment. I accually own an offical crepe pan I recieved for Christmas in 2006. You do not need an offical pan, but make sure the sides are high enough sides. Alot try and use a pan that is non stick. If your pan has sticky sides, grease the sides well with butter so that flipping the crepe does not include speparation the crepe from the pan.

Now,when accually making a crepe, make sure you follow the recepei closly. One, make sure you tilt the pan so taht the batter thins out covering the whole pan. Two, do not add too much batter! This will leave your with an oddly think crepe or a crepe that runs up the sides. Crepe on the sides makes flipping difficult and might leave your dog or ants with a nice treat on the floor. Thirdly, make sure the batter is thin enough (without HUGE lumps) but not to smooth. Finally, always have a spatula ready. A spatula can save a crepe from burning on the pan.

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Lee’s Sandwiches

Lee’s Sandwiches is a fast food chain thats putting Subway in the dark. With 2$ foot long subs with compelling flavors Subway has no chance. Subways new commercial is “5 dalla food longgg” while Lee’s sells foot long subs for half the price! I know I sound like a sales person, but WOW Lee’s Sandwiches are AMAZING. The one negative aspect of the company is that it’s not willing to put their name into new neighborhoods. They seem to stay in the Asian or European outlets of cities. This is a shame because many people are open minded and willing to take a vacation from their normal taste pallet.

When I went there for the first time I was shocked to find that the flavors were Vietnamese at heart but on the outside seem purely French. They serve about 12 different kinds of sandwiches ranging from sweet and sour pork, to plain, old turkey. The meats don’t define the sandwiches alone, the pickled carrots and various sprouts add a unique twist. The bread is just spectacular. Compared to Subway the bread bakes fresh daily, and never hardens into a brick. The baguette always pastes my expectations for a fast food chain.

I wouldn’t recommend any of the sandwiches because each one has a unique taste. I would say steer clear of the normal and go for something new and refreshing.

You can look at their website or find the closest restaurant near you at http://www.leesandwiches.com/

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Tutto Amore

This gelato parlor opened last summer (2007)and has been growing in popularity with the locals and tourist since then. With plasma screen menus, and motion censored trashcans, it’s the ice cream store of the TRUE 21st century!

The place came to Laguna after reaching its peak level in popularity all throughout Europe. With business booming across the Atlantic, the company decided to expand their arms over to the eager Americans. So the company sent brother and sister, Mercello and Melinda, over to San Fransisco to try and set up a store. When they noticed that people in  Southern California seem to know about gelato and are more eager to get their hands on it, they closed the shop and zoomed down here with their new friend, Timothy Lin. Then they set up shop in  a  closed Baskin Robbins after a total remodel was completed. They put up plasma screen TVs as the menus, motion censor trashcans, super fancy espresso machine, acrylic chairs and tables, and there famous glass fish tip jar which changed the feel in a positive way.  At the beginning of 2008 a mini art gallery was set up to try and add a more artistic flare to the high tech gelato parlor. The prices for the paintings don’t ever drop below fifteen hundred dollars! I find this kind of scary. I mean what if you accidentally bump into one and it shatters on the ground? (they’re normally ceramic canvases) That would just ruin your day.

On my first visit last summer I decided not to get anything normal, so I got the small (two descent scoops) of Flaun and Cream Milk gelato. After this encounter I learned that the flaun was by far the new best flavor that their selection provided. The funny thing I found out was that it is the least picked flavor because of the name and its randomness .Also because the flavor sits furthest away from the door. Now-a-days I seem to always get flaun because it’s the least tasted out of all the flavors. Most tourist and locals seem not to be open to any new experiences. Some of the other flavors I enjoy are Italian coffee, any of the fruit flavors, and basically all the flavors but steer clear of watermelon.

Tutto Amore serves more than just gelato, it dishes out glass bottled Coca Cola, amazing espresso, and a few other extremely refreshing foods.

Tutto Amore has an arch nemesis, Gelato Paradiso. Gelato Paradiso wins the award for a rustic feel because of the location not from the boring interior design. But in every other comparison i would name Tutto Amore to be the number one gelato place not only in Laguna Beach but all throughout Orange county.

With the SciFi aroma surrounding the shop, the expectations for gelato grew quite rapidly, but in the end my pitiful requirements were thrown out the window with amazing the taste and service.

You can visit them at http://www.tuttoamoregelato.com/

Or go there yourself!

247 Broadway St.

Laguna Beach, CA

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La Sirena Grill

La Serena Gill is a place in Laguna Beach were the locals know as a great place to hang out and get a quick healthy bit of Mexican food. About 3 months ago La Sirena Grill decided to go green. To get the restaurant “green” or more organic La Sirena Grill had to raise the prices of all the items on the diverse menu. This hasn’t effected the store in any negative ways because all the customers know that the food will only have to be better to meet the bloated prices.

There are a few dishes I would choose to have as my last meal. One of these dishes is the Carne Asada Torta. The tortas they make there are delectable. In the torta (sandwich) there are chopped up pieces of carne asada(marinaded, organic steak), fresh lettuce (not iceberg lettuce), tomatoes, big mounds of chunky guacamole (which includes avocados, chopped up tomatoes, cilantro, and lemon), and a lightly toasted bun. Normally jalapeños sit between the lettuce and the meat, but i normally get those removed before hand. I find the taste of the other ingredients overpowered by the chillies. I normally swallow the torta in about 10 minutes in response to the outstanding, fresh flavors.

The wild salmon burrito, another dish that La Sirena serves, drives my taste buds wild. The burrito is filled with crunchy iceberg lettuce , seasoned rice, smoked salmon, and a light, tangy salsa. The salmon I believe first marinated in a citrus marinade and then smoked over night. Right before being served a working high school student throws it on the grill for about 5 minutes. When you first bit into the hefty burrito you think that the smokiness of the salmon is overpowering. Then the citric acid from the salsa comes in and balances out all the rich flavors. I would have to argue this dish to be a winner at La Sirena Grill.

Smoked Samon Torta

For the drink, I would choose the horchata ( you don’t pronounce the “h”). A horchata is a Hispanic drink that has rice and milk as the based ingredients. There is rice, sugar, cinnamon, milk, and sometimes almonds. The drink delivers very rich, strong, full flavor through the taste and texture. When you’re about done with it you start to feel little grains of cinnamon coming up the recycled straw. I find this to be a prime part of the drinking experience.

I told you that the prices have gone up due to the “green” changes. This is what they went up to: $8 for the torta, $2.50 for the horchata, and $9.25 for the salmon burrito. They went “green” by only using local foods that are organic and fresh; recycled utensils; and a few other ways.

Please visit their website at lasirenagrill.com

Or go Visit one of their fantastic restaurants in Laguna Beach, Irvine, or El Segundo.

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Taffy is a delectable treat on the west coast. It normally derives from the east coast and that’s where I have my best box of taffy, ever. Taffy contains sugar, butter, milk, and a little bit of flavoring that makes it a specific flavor of taffy. The make sets it into a pulling machine and it folds air into the taffy and makes it light and fluffy. In Mexico they make taffy but slinging it around a wooden pole and pulling it by hand. This method is not as sanitary but to me it possesses better taste for some reason.

Some taffies are so divine that it’s hard to stop eating. On the other hand some flavors possess wretched flavor. A sorrowful flavor is bubblegum or a taffy that is a neon looking color. When I bit into a candy of that standard I am immediately turned off. Today I had a few flavors, peanut butte, neopolitan, and bubblegum. To me my favorite flavor is peanut butter. In the taffy of the peanut butter flavor they put little dots of shinny looking taffy to make it look like a peanut shell. The flavor was rich and had no disturbing after taste. The neopolitan flavor was my second best. Neopolitan is three flavors in one, strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. When you bite into this flavor the strawberry is a little bit over powering but it is still delicious. My least favorite flavor was the bubblegum. Bubblegum tasted like that mouthwash that the dentist use in your mouth that they try to flavor to taste good but never do. Thats how disturbing bubblegum flavor is. Bubblegum also has a very sickening after taste that takes about three hours to get out of your mouth even if you have a soda or a strong mint. I enjoy salt water taffy over regular taffy any day. Thats my opinion about taffy.

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Espresso Ice Cream

Espresso ice cream is one of my favorite treats. I was switching threw the channels and I happened to go bye a show called, “Barefoot Conessa”. This show is almost torture to watch. The main woman is not attractive at all and all that she does is lecture about her husband and what he wants. After about 3 minutes I gave up, but I recorded the episodes because she was making espresso Ice Cream. In the show I noticed that she used the same exact tools that my family has. I watched it and decided to try to make the ice cream. First I did all the steps. But when i First combined the half and half with the egg yokes and sugar it made a lot of foam because I mixed it together vigorously. The another one of the steps is to pour all of it back into the scolding pot. Since I couldn’t see the mixture directly cause of the foam I messed up and let it curdle. I didn’t just make it curdle a little bit, I curdled it all the way till it looked like soggy scrambled eggs. After that mishap I started over and fed that part to my dog. The second attempt went smoothly, but in the recipe it tells you to add chocolate covered espresso beans but it is not needed. After everything the ice cream was delicious. The espresso ice cream had a zing to it and the espresso really gave the tart flavor a kick. After everything the only negative for me is how many eggs i used up (13) and the amount of half and half. I used up about 13 eggs and one and a half cartons of half and half. I would give this recipe a 4.5 out of 5 because the ice cream had an amazing flavor to it.

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